A full development laboratory at your fingertips


Huvard Research & Consulting, Inc. is a shared resource for small and large companies that need the capabilities of a full development laboratory without the costs incurred by having these competencies in house. All engineering firms are comfortable working contractually, based on well-defined project objectives. What makes us different is our ability and willingness to engage potential clients on a purely conceptual level long before it is reasonable to write that set of objectives. 




Fixed Cost

We are your resource for providing expert witness services. We are not only able to quickly navigate the science involved in the case, but we are also able to discover data that supports our expert hypotheses. Our team is most effective when introduced to the case at the discovery phase. 

This is the best option for longer term projects. Our chemists and chemical engineers are a part of your team. Whether optimizing an existing process or developing a new process from the ground up, our team is immersed in the nuances of the challenge. 

A fixed cost option is the best for projects with definable milestones. We will work with you to establish a timeline and budget that works within your constraints.

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